1. Target customers that do not look for businesses online.
Customers prefer using yellow pages, church and community newsletters, etc. (For instance: older retirees)
  1. You have no plans to expand outside your geographic area.
  2. You generate most of your business through referrals.
Beware – if your reputation takes a hit or business starts to dry up, you might regret building a website years ago, and remember that referrals don’t work as before 2020.
  1. A website is on 24/7 and requires a lot of time and maintenance.
  2. Your current advertising/PR approach generates plenty of business for a reasonable cost.
  3. Relevant information about your business is already found in several online directories.
  4. You have no clear strategy or plan for what you’ll do with a website.
In these situations, a website may help you gain more business – or not. The investment in a website probably won’t generate sufficient return to justify it. And if you can’t justify the ROI, why are you investing in the first place? When we ask most clients: “Why do you want a website?” Responses range from “Because people tell me I should” to “I want my business to be considered the go-to company for ….” Two very different answers, and two very different online solutions.
  • Selling More Product
Reaching a global audience, thereby increasing sales opportunities is a good reason to have a website. For instance, many gardening-related catalog businesses have developed successful websites that generate more sales than the catalog itself. Because the site is easier and cheaper to update frequently, businesses can offer more products, more special promotions, and more segmented offers on their websites than they can through the catalog.
  • Do I Really Need a Website?
You are the only one who can decide if a website is truly the right solution for your business. So, take the leap and go for a website. If ever you made your choice, an e-commerce website is a service we offer at a super cost-effective price. Check this: https://afriversetech.com/index.php/pricing/
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