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Lily’s Cosmetics’ Website ( www.lilys-cosmetics.com )

Lily’s Cosmetics, a cosmetic company based in Mauritius, provides a range of facial care products including serums, creams, and boosters.

In response to their request, we dedicated ourselves wholeheartedly to create a simple e-commerce website for their cosmetic brand. We put in our utmost effort to design a website that exudes a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfectly complementing the feel of their cosmetics.

The challenge of project

To ensure an optimal user experience, we conducted extensive research on how Mauritian people shop for cosmetics online. This involved studying their browsing and purchasing habits, as well as understanding their preferences and expectations. By gaining insights into their online shopping behavior, we were able to implement strategies and features that would facilitate better interaction with the website. Our research-driven approach aimed to create a seamless and engaging experience for Mauritian customers, tailored specifically to their needs and preferences in the cosmetics industry.



The result of project

Our website interface received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the client, and they were particularly pleased with its user-friendly nature. We prioritized simplicity and intuitiveness during the design process, ensuring that users could navigate the website effortlessly. By incorporating a clean and accessible layout, we aimed to enhance the overall user experience, making it enjoyable and hassle-free for customers to explore and interact with the website.

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